Sekits Capital Invests In InSellerate

Sekits Capital – a Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based investor in rapidly growing financial services, financial technology and digital consumer services businesses – has made a significant investment in InSellerate, which offers sales automation software that helps mortgage lenders optimize lead opportunities.

InSellerate helps lenders optimize lead opportunities by communicating with prospects when they are actively engaged in the buying process. Its first-to-contact dialer technology empowers originators to respond to leads within 30 seconds of making a request, the company claims. The system delivers almost-instant lead engagement, real-time sales and marketing resource management, as well as a prospect nurture program.

“InSellerate is the most advanced and robust lead optimization and sales management solution we’ve seen in the mortgage industry, helping sales teams contact, manage and convert leads,” says Mike Sekits, founder of Sekits Capital, in a release. “What really impressed us about InSellerate was not just the functionality of the product, but the rigorous attention paid to compliance and security, which has resulted in several community banks adopting the software.”


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