SharperLending Adds Features to Verisite Property Inspection Suite


SharperLending has released enhancements to its Verisite mobile property inspection tools, which lenders use to gather property data for collateral valuation on loans and sub-loan products that do not require full appraisals.

The new version of the mobile property data-gathering app provides lenders with a more precise order assignment feature that includes the creation and management of panels of data gatherers, in-app distance mapping for room dimensions and more report data. The result is an enhanced Verisite photo report deliverable with more decisionable data that lenders can use to make accurate financial decisions on equity loans, disaster relief inspections, new construction progress evaluations, portfolio reviews, and more.

“We are excited to announce our latest mobile property data gathering innovations to help lenders get more out of their valuation technology investment,” says David Chiappe, president of SharperLending LLC. “These enhancements help make way for additional valuation and property products that are poised to come with future industry changes and appraisal modernization initiatives.”

Verisite is available from within the Appraisal Firewall real estate appraisal platform, as well as through various loan origination software systems. Appraisal Firewall is residential and commercial real estate appraisal software for lenders to manage their own appraisal process.

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