SharperLending XpertOnline Tied Into Blend Lending Technology


Mortgage technology provider SharperLending LLC has integrated its XpertOnline mortgage credit reporting system and with Blend’s digital lending platform, enabling Blend’s lender and bank customers to request, receive and store consumer credit data for underwriting.

The integration provides secure access to data from dozens of credit reporting agencies and service providers on Blend’s platform and enables loan officers to evaluate credit risk faster and make lending decisions more efficiently, the companies say. In addition to consumer assets, liabilities and scores, they can also order account supplements, request public record data and provide credit disclosures from within their LOS.

“There is real value in decreasing the number of vendor systems lenders have to log in to,” says David Chiappe, president of SharperLending. “The partnership brings our valued credit reporting agency clients more opportunities to deliver their data and empowers Blend’s customers with dozens of credit providers through a single integration. Our partnership will provide both Blend and SharperLending with a more effective means of supporting our mutual client base.”

“As we continue to help lenders and financial institutions expand their capabilities and adapt to meet changing customer needs, this partnership with SharperLending gives loan officers access to their credit technology solutions and further streamlines the lending landscape,” adds Brian Martin, head of business development at Blend.

Photo: David Chiappe

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