SimpleNexus POS Technology Now Includes Integration with Finicity MVS


SimpleNexus says its mortgage point-of-sale (POS) platform now has an integration with Finicity’s Mortgage Verification Service (MVS) – a tool that allows lenders to streamline the verification of applicants’ assets, income and employment.

Without leaving the SimpleNexus mobile app, borrowers can use MVS to complete asset, income and employment verification in a few steps that take just minutes to complete. Lenders receive validated payroll, paystub and bank account data in real time and can refresh the data within 10 days of the loan closing as needed to fulfill investor requirements.

“Our integration with Finicity’s Mortgage Verification Service delivers GSE-accepted verification of assets, income and employment in one easy interaction,” says SimpleNexus Chief Product Officer Shane Westra. “The entire process takes place in minutes within the simple, familiar SimpleNexus app that borrowers and loan officers rely on throughout the home-buying journey.”

“Digital experiences that simplify our lives are the rule of the day,” adds Finicity Chief Product Officer Nick Thomas. “The integration of Finicity’s Mortgage Verification Service into the innovative SimpleNexus platform furthers this vision with a simple, intuitive digital process for verifying income, assets and employment in a single online experience.”

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