SLK Global Opens New Facility In Dallas

SLK Global, offering business process outsourcing services to the U.S. banking, mortgage, title and other financial services industries, has opened a new call center in Dallas – its first U.S.-based facility.

The new facility is expected to generate up to 100 new jobs for the greater Dallas area.

In addition, it gives the company the opportunity to leverage U.S.-based talent.

Agents in the new call center will handle title insurance services, as well as tax and lien reporting, according to a company press release. The new facility will also give the company a new business continuity option for its main operations in India.

‘The Dallas launch is in response to the needs of our clients,’ says Gopal Amin, president and CEO of SLK Global. ‘Clients look to SLK Global to deliver business transformation, and we are doing just that. We now have both offshore and onshore capabilities to create huge savings and an enhanced customer experience for our clients in the areas of banking, mortgage and title insurance.’

‘SLK offers its customers increased visibility, improved control of their operations, and great value in terms of efficiencies and reduced costs,’ adds Alok Datta, chief operating officer of SLK Global. ‘Our new onshore center will now help us build even greater customer confidence and drive our growth across several industry verticals.’


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