SLK Global Solutions Introduces New Mobile Platform For Mortgage Lenders


Lenders already know that mobile is the key to the next generation of mortgage borrowers.

But so far, developers have been struggling with how to extend a loan origination system’s functionality out into this new environment.

There is, however, a tool that makes this challenge many times simpler. SmartLendEx, a mobile platform from SLK Global Solutions, accelerates the origination process by bringing multiple stakeholders – such as Realtors, borrowers and lenders – onto a single mobile platform, significantly reducing loan cycle time and origination costs.

“Success in today’s purchase money market requires the lender to meet the millennial home buyer where they are, and that’s mobile,” says Tim Moreland, senior vice president for SLK Global Solutions, in a release. “The loan origination technology in use today is perfect for originating from the branch or call center, but it does not extend well into the mobile space. SmartLendEx solves that problem and puts all significant parties to the transaction in the same mobile space to close loans faster.”

The company claims that with SmartLendEx, lenders can speed up the loan cycle by up to eight days and boost productivity by up to 15%.

In addition to SmartLendEx, SLK Global Solutions also provides automated loan-level audits for origination, accurate broker price opinions, residential and commercial tax servicing, property lien and ownership search reports, municipal lien search, and property tax reports.

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