Solidifi Develops Appraisal Warranty Insurance Programs

fi U.S. has unveiled its CoverageMAX and CoveragePLUS insurance programs to provide mortgage lenders and investors with assurances of appraisal quality and value accuracy. The company says the new programs, built in concert with Companion Specialty Insurance Group and Wells Fargo Special Risks Inc., are designed to ‘address weaknesses in previous appraisal insurance coverage concepts that have been tried without significant success in protecting lenders and those who buy their loans.’ ‘These affordable programs have the combined result of protecting lenders from losses caused by faulty appraisals and covering those who buy their loans, too,’ says Griff Straw, president of Solidifi U.S. ‘They provide new levels of confidence in mortgages to the capital markets system, and will help bring greater liquidity to the industry.’ SOURCE: [link=]Solidifi


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