Solidifi Launches Fully Transparent National Appraiser Network

Solidifi Inc., a technology-based provider of collateral valuation and risk management services to the mortgage lending industry, says that expansion to nationwide appraiser coverage is ahead of schedule. Response from experienced appraisers coast-to-coast since Solidifi launched its registration process less than two weeks ago surpassed initial goals and is driving the development of the fastest growing network of quality appraisers in the U.S. today, the company adds.

Solidifi's National Appraiser Network is founded on the principle that a fully transparent technology platform will ensure appraiser independence while also giving lenders access to a full range of performance metrics.

‘The key to success in the collateral valuation business lies in the quality of the appraisal network,’ states Jason Smith, CEO of Solidifi. ‘The Solidifi National Appraiser Network is built on the first technology platform specifically designed to be fully transparent to give lenders the information they require – while protecting the appraiser from client pressure.

‘Solidifi's full fee business model attracts the kind of expert independent appraisers sought by our lender clients in these turbulent times,’ he continues. ‘Lenders are provided with all of the performance and report quality information required to manage their risk effectively while ensuring appraiser independence.’

Source: Solidifi Inc.


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