Sollen Technologies Adds Regional Banks To Support Client Base

Sollen Technologies, an Internet-based application services provider of product, pricing and best execution capabilities for the mortgage industry, has added seven new investors to its Lender Online system.

‘By working directly with our customers to offer a complete list of products for their loan officers, Sollen is helping them remain competitive in their individual markets," says Ada Salas, guidelines manager for Sollen Technologies. "Additionally, we are increasing the loan volumes of the smaller community banks and improving customer efficiency."

Sollen says it is working closely with customers to deliver the broadest array of investors available. Due to the dwindling number of loan products and the tightening of credit markets, Sollen received feedback from clients to help better serve their needs. The decision to add smaller regional banks increased the availability of loan products offered to borrowers. Sollen is committed to working with its customers to promote growth and help sustain them in a down market.

Sollen has based its platform on enhanced technology and customer service. Adding smaller, more financially stable institutions to their investor list will serve as a catalyst to increase business opportunities and encourage client participation in future offerings, Sollen adds.

SOURCE: Sollen Technologies


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