StackSource Unveils Upgraded Mobile-Friendly Lender Interface


StackSource, an online financing platform for commercial real estate deals, has launched its next-generation, mobile-friendly lender interface. Lenders on the StackSource platform now have access to the digital offering memorandum – saving lenders more time than ever before evaluating StackSource’s fully vetted real estate lending opportunities.

“The limiting factor for most lenders building their loan portfolio isn’t capital – it’s time,” says StackSource founder and CEO Tim Milazzo. “This release makes it even easier for our 900+ lending partners to access great projects and quickly create loan quotes — a real win for both our lenders and our borrowers.”

StackSource’s new lender interface has been mobile optimized allowing lenders to easily review all offering information and quote terms, decline a request, or contact a StackSource capital advisor for more information quickly and easily from any device. The company also added new data points for deal review and reorganized the lender interface prioritizing asset and borrower information by impact to help lenders make faster, informed decisions on deals.

The re-engineered loan quote creation flow walks lenders through entering offer details one data point at a time in a logical sequence retiring the lengthy and exhausting format with single-page forms. The new flow offers lenders the option to automatically calculate maximum loan amount based on loan program sizing constraints.

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