STRATMOR Group Hits Milestone: 50K Borrower Surveys Completed

STRATMOR Group reports that its lender clients have now conducted more than 50,000 surveys among mortgage borrowers via its MortgageSAT satisfaction survey offering.

The company says the data derived from these surveys will be useful in helping lenders decide what actions to take, at every stage of the transaction, to maximize borrower satisfaction.

More importantly, the offering allows lenders to know when borrowers are dissatisfied, giving them the opportunity to address borrower concerns before regulators are notified.

‘We have now collected a critical mass of borrower data that clearly shows what sets the nation's top loan originators apart from their competitors,’ says Tim Ryan, senior director at STRATMOR Group, in a release. ‘There exists a set of best practices that consistently result in higher customer satisfaction and our MortgageSAT survey results have exposed it.’


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