StreetLinks Appraisal Certifies HVCC Compliance

StreetLinks National Appraisal Services has revised its Non-Influence Certificate to reflect 100% compliance with the recently finalized Home Value Code of Conduct (HVCC). The new Certificate of Non-Influence and HVCC Compliance will accompany every StreetLinks appraisal.

To protect against fraud and manipulation, StreetLinks says its original appraisal report and accompanying Certificate of Non-Influence and HVCC Compliance are stored in the ValueVault, a secure, online repository available for lenders and investors to authenticate copies of an appraisal against the original document.

‘We are very proud of being the first appraisal management company to certify our arms-length, independent appraisal process," says Steve Haslam, CEO of StreetLinks. "Our belief in 'the right thing to do' has now been fully validated by the HVCC."

SOURCE: StreetLinks


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