Tavant Expands New Location in Dallas


Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of digital products and solutions, including front-end mortgage origination solutions, recently established a technology innovation center in Dallas that will focus on product development and providing new age digital experiences to lenders via “digital factories.”

To support its growing customer base in the area, Tavant reports that it is increasing its staff and capabilities in the new location.

The new location is in close proximity to many of Tavant’s customers, as well as prospects. This will help ensure that the company is meeting client needs while at the same time enabling it to attract top talent.

The new location serves as a hub for four what Tavant calls “digital factories.” These factories consist of small but specialized teams of factory managers, product owners and full-stack developers, who focus on configuring, building, modeling, simulating and evaluating technologies and solutions to further the business goals of Tavant’s customers.

Each team will be tasked with developing a minimum viable product that will have new digital features and enhancements that align with the customer’s business goals.

The delivery center will operate many “digital factories” to serve customers across the U.S., regardless of time differences.

“Today’s businesses are not a one-size-fits-all,” says Prashant Kumar, vice president of Tavant’s fintech vertical, in a release. “We need to be nimble in our offerings so that we can work with our customers to meet their individual business requirements.

“Our teams will focus on building personalized solutions that are in line with their business outcomes and goals,” Kumar adds. “We will be developing real, purpose-driven MVPs on new technologies related to cloud, AI/ML or other customer experience portals as per client’s need.”

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