TD Bank Now Using Roostify to Enhance its Online Mortgage Process


TD Bank reports that it is now using Roostify’s digital mortgage platform to power the front-end of its mortgage process.

The point-of-sale platform allows the bank to offer to its customers an accelerated, low-stress path to home ownership.

Prospective homebuyers will have access to tools that they can use to find a loan that fits their needs and budget.

Leveraging Roostify’s proprietary DecisionBuilder lead tool, TD Bank’s Digital Mortgage allows consumers to explore which loan products they qualify for, right from a simple-to-use Web page.

Consumers can then move on to apply for their chosen loan in minutes, and follow a streamlined, all-digital process for moving their loan through closing.

“Today we’re seeing consumers adopt digital offerings across all sectors. From filing taxes to managing investments to buying a car – consumers are doing these things completely autonomously and entirely online,” says Rick Bechtel, head of mortgage banking at TD Bank, in a release.

“When it comes to a mortgage, it’s critical for prospective buyers to leverage both the digital and the human element,” Bechtel says. “The digital aspect provides ease of use, while the human aspect provides expertise, and ultimately, peace-of-mind.

“By leveraging Roostify for TD’s Digital Mortgage, we’re able to provide borrowers with online capabilities in addition to face-to-face guidance and support,” Bechtel adds. “This is the game changer for today’s buyers – digital when they want to handle it on their own, and human when they need the help.”

In addition to the improved online experience, the new solution rolls out enhanced tools to help TD loan officers connect with potential buyers. Using Roostify’s recently-announced integration with its customer relationship management application, TD Bank’s loan officers can easily manage leads, freeing up more time to assist prospective buyers.

Once a lead becomes an applicant, a bi-directional integration with TD Bank’s loan origination system allows loan officers to seamlessly track the status of the mortgage loan, who the participants are, and any outstanding requirements to move forward, helping customers close on time.

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