TeleVoice Launches TelePath

Is your servicing shop “telepathic”?

When borrowers phone in, do your agents already have a general idea why they are calling? Perhaps based on some granular data you captured in their profiles, based on their last action or interaction?

If not, then it’s probably time to get telepathic because it can help you save on precious live agent resources by getting to the crux of a borrower’s problem sooner.

To that end, TeleVoice, a contact center technology firm that is focused on the needs of mortgage servicers, has launched TelePath, a new solution that gives call center agents a greater degree of information and insight into each borrower who makes contact, as the call arrives.

Not only does this increase customer service efficiency, but it also significantly improves the customer experience, TeleVoice says in a release.

TelePath delivers to agents a wealth of caller-specific data the moment the call is received. With this additional intelligence, the representative is better able to anticipate the caller’s needs and mood and can then provide a higher level of service.

“Delivering a premier custom experience has a direct impact on a servicer’s reputation, driving everything from referrals to refinances,” says Barry Hays, senior vice president of TeleVoice. “The converse is equally true. We understand that the industry needs effective tools to provide stellar service, and that drives our development plan.”

TelePath not only automatically identifies the borrower or co-borrower who is calling, but it also delivers key stats, including how long the borrower has been on hold in the queue.

It also tells the agent why the interactive voice response application routed the call the way it did – for example, maybe the caller had trouble completing a one-time draft or is 45 days delinquent.

And if there is a cross-selling opportunity, the agent is informed of that, as well.

In addition, TelePath can deliver to agents a wealth of other helpful data pulled from the borrower’s account information.

Should a call need to be transferred, all of this data and information goes along with the call and is seamlessly delivered to the next agent or representative. This saves the borrower from having to explain why he or she is calling all over again.


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