Teraverde Financial Creates Four New Business Units

Teraverde Financial, a national consulting firm in the banking and financial industries, has formed four new business units: Teraverde Management Advisors, Teraverde Mortgage Banking and Loan Origination Systems, Teraverde Capital Markets, and Teraverde Compliance Services.

Teraverde says its new business units will help financial institutions of all sizes achieve greater profitability, streamlined operations and process improvement while staying fully compliant within stringent and expanding regulatory requirements.

The firm explains the roles of the new units:

– Teraverde Management Advisors provides advice to management in all areas of banking governance, strategy, profitability and operations. This includes finance, accounting, credit administration, developing policies and procedures, regulatory finding remediation, etc.

– Teraverde Loan Origination Systems provides mortgage banking best practices, information technology advice, customization, and integration of mortgage and other loan origination software.

– Teraverde Capital Markets provides quality control reviews, warehouse lending, secondary marketing or loan asset sales or purchases for balance sheet management.

– Teraverde Compliance Services provides compliance best practice, critical review, and assistance in regulatory compliance and regulatory remediation with Formal Agreements, Consent Orders and Cease and Desist Orders in the continually changing regulatory environment.

"A key element of our value proposition is that all Teraverde consultants will have prior industry experience as an executive or senior manager with multiple companies in the banking, financial management, capital markets and compliance management industries. Our executives have seen and worked through major challenges in the banking industry before. We know what works and what doesn't," comments Jim Deitch, co-founder and CEO of Teraverde.


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