Three State Credit Union Leagues Seek Merger

12934_92850011 Three State Credit Union Leagues Seek Merger The boards of three state credit union associations – the Arkansas Credit Union League, the Credit Union Association of Oklahoma and the Texas Credit Union League – have announced plans to consolidate into a single regional entity called the Cornerstone Credit Union League.

CUNA News reports that the three league boards agreed to a governance structure and transition plan, which will require the approval of their respective memberships. Voting on the consolidation will be held in the spring.

‘There's no question that leagues are looking for more opportunities to collaborate,’ says Michael Kloiber, CEO of Oklahoma City-based Tinker Federal Credit Union and chairman of the Regionalization Task Force. ‘League consolidations nationwide have one driving force at their core: credit unions must have top-flight offerings from their trade associations. Credit union leaders are looking for real value in their league membership – value that both shapes the credit union operating environment from a legislative and marketing perspective, and provides a full suite of products and services to its members to leverage our cooperative strength.’


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