Titan Lenders Corp. Offers MAP For Credit Unions, Community Banks

Titan Lenders Corp., a mortgage back-office fulfillment services provider specializing in closing, funding and post-closing services, now offers Mortgage Access Program (MAP) for credit unions and community banks that want to reduce the risk and expense of providing quality mortgage lending services.

According to Titan Lenders Corp., MAP allows community financial institutions to start or recalibrate a mortgage lending operation with reduced risk and expense by providing expert set-up, training, technology, implementation and processing services.

Through its MAP initiative, the company first trains a depository institution's in-house staff to originate mortgage loans, then supports it with essential processing (i.e., credit, preliminary automated underwriting, initial disclosures), closing, funding and post-closing services. MAP investor participants provide secondary and underwriting services to ensure compliance and assured salability.

Source: Titan Lenders Corp.


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