Trade Group Head Criticizes CFPB For Bank Auditing Hiccups

13106_cfpb Trade Group Head Criticizes CFPB For Bank Auditing Hiccups In a relatively rare display of overt industry criticism aimed at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the head of a major financial services trade group has called the agency to task for doing an inadequate job in bank auditing.

The Associated Press reports that Richard Hunt, CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association, has complained that the CFPB's auditing team was understaffed and inexperienced, with some examiners coming to the agency in their first job out of college. Hunt, speaking at a press briefing yesterday, adds that CFPB Director Richard Cordray is aware of his concerns and is working to address them.

‘He knows that in the first year, it's not acceptable to him that the process is taking too long, and he doesn't have enough examiners,’ Hunt says. ‘In the second year he hopes to make it better, where examiners would be more experienced and the banks would not have to wait as long as they do this year.’

Jennifer Howard, a spokesperson with the CFPB, has defended the agency's auditing endeavors.

‘While we are still working to build out and refine our supervision program, we are pleased with the progress being made and the work being done,’ Howard says. ‘Director Cordray has great confidence in the supervision team and its leadership.’


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