Trepp Launches Bond Trading Workflow Solution

Trepp LLC – a provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and technology – has launched its newest offering, TreppTrade.

According to the company, TreppTrade is a collaborative workflow solution that provides bid list management, analysis and color tracking for traders, sales and credit workgroups.

‘TreppTrade was designed to help workgroups spend less time collecting data so they could focus their efforts on doing the work that drives their business,’ comments Annemarie DiCola, CEO of Trepp. "Trading teams told us that they spend an inordinate amount of time doing research and sending each other spreadsheets and emails as part of a time-sensitive workflow process."

To help clients address those challenges, Trepp says it designed the solution to enable teams to price bonds, access data, and monitor news and color – all on a collaborative platform.Â

In addition to its analysis, the solution offers users an interactive data grid design, which means they can easily take control of viewing relevant news and color alongside bond and loan information, according to the company.


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