TRK Connection’s QC Audit Platform Connected with Ellie Mae’s Encompass


TRK Connection’s (TRK) QC audit platform, Insight Risk & Defect Management (RDM), is now available via Ellie Mae’s Encompass loan origination system.

Mortgage lenders can add the QC audit platform via Ellie Mae’s Encompass Partner Connect APIs.

Lenders can use Insight RDM for pre-funding and post-closing QC.

This integration streamlines the loan defect management and remediation process, helping mortgage lenders more efficiently track, report and trend loan defects to reduce repurchase risk and elevate loan quality, Ellie Mae says in a release.

The enhanced integration also enables Insight RDM to use those data elements in conjunction with Ellie Mae’s system of record to improve process flow, increase audit speed and provide additional automation in the loan file review process.

Examples of this include the ability to take advantage of loan origination milestones to trigger pre-funding quality control eligibility or to systemically attach documentation to reverifications. 

For users that have customized Encompass to store QC and defect data within the system, TRK will provide support for custom fields lenders have created within Encompass to support existing QC workflows.

This past fall, TRK Connection enhanced the loan sampling functionality and added predictive analytics to Insight RDM.

The new capabilities enable Insight users to engage in more intelligent discretionary loan sampling, preventing over-selection of files for review and providing better control over sample size while meeting all discretionary loan target criteria.

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