TRK Connection’s RDM Platform Now Integrated with Veri-Tax


TRK Connection (TRK), a provider of mortgage quality control (QC) and origination management solutions, reports that it has added 4506-T Income Verification from Veri-Tax, a provider of verification solutions, to its flagship QC audit platform, Insight Risk & Defect Management (RDM).

The addition expands the range of integrated income verification providers Insight users can select to complete the post-closing QC reverification process.

“TRK’s mission is to assist lenders by making the QC audit process easier, more intuitive and more efficient, thus enabling them to effectively manage and report on loan quality,” says Jeremy Burcham, Executive Vice President of Strategy for TRK, in a release. “Our network of integrated reverification providers plays a key role in our ability to deliver on that promise, which is why we are pleased to add Veri-Tax to our roster of top-tier income verification providers available within Insight RDM.”

Veri-Tax’s 4506-T Income Verification service allows lenders to quickly validate income and uncover potential borrower misrepresentation.

By auditing every order at multiple check-points, Veri-Tax reduces IRS rejections by 29%, and all tax transcripts include a customizable summary coversheet that highlights and calculates key income verification line items.

The ability to order income verification from Veri-Tax directly through the Insight RDM platform, which also includes industry-first reverification e-sign capabilities, enables lenders to create a paperless, streamlined reverification process designed to support lenders’ loan quality initiatives.

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