UniversalCIS | Credit Plus Shifts Strategies with Rebranding as Xactus


UniversalCIS | Credit Plus, a verifications provider for the mortgage industry, has changed its name to Xactus. The strategic shift reflects the company’s evolution and the growth it has experienced over the last two years due to the recent mergers of Credit Plus, Universal Credit Services, CIS Credit Solutions, Avantus, DataFacts Lending Solutions and SharperLending.

Xactus reflects the company’s qualities of being exact, factual, accurate and its commitment to advancing the delivery of the modern mortgage, which will enable lenders to close more loans, more quickly and provide a better consumer experience.

“As the market-leading verifications company in the mortgage sector, we wanted a name that better reflected the future of our company and industry. Xactus is more than a rebrand – it’s a strategic initiative to innovate. We’re solely focused on challenging the status quo and reimagining workflows, processes, and the ways data is delivered and consumed,” says Perry Steiner, chairman and CEO of Xactus.

“We are dedicated to helping lenders deliver the modern mortgage experience,” states Shelley Leonard, Xactus’ president. “By integrating our proprietary technology with proven processes and our stellar customer service, Xactus enables lenders to enhance profitability with industry-leading speed, reliability, and accuracy.”

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