Vantage Production And InSellerate Team Up To Empower Consumer Direct Lenders

Vantage Production and InSellerate have teamed up to introduce LoanCurve, a new software solution that combines the power of InSellerate’s consumer direct lead and pipeline management system with Vantage Production’s VIP loan presentation and marketing automation tools.

“LoanCurve marks a milestone in mortgage technology for loan origination companies,” says Sue Woodard, CEO of Vantage Production. “Consumer direct lending is very different from traditional retail. The customers are different, the tactics are different, and the salespeople and their needs are different.

“With the technology provided by LoanCurve, lenders of all sizes can now serve origination channels using industry-leading automation equipped with interfaces suited to each set of unique end users,” Woodard continues. “Unlike most other technology providers, we have many decades of loan origination experience. LoanCurve leverages that depth and empowers lenders of all sizes to serve their markets to the fullest.”

Josh Friend, CEO of InSellerate, adds, “Many retail lenders want to offer consumer direct loans as a means of both developing new business and retaining existing customers. And many direct lenders want to source the retail market to build purchase loan volume and a partner base. Now lenders can leverage the two channels with best-of-breed solutions that excel in each rather than a one-size-fits-all offering that is overly simplistic.”


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