Velocify Bundles Auto Marketing, Lead Management Into A Single Platform

Velocify, which offers mortgage sales acceleration technology, recently introduced Velocify LoanEngage, an all-in-one marketing and sales platform designed to help retail lenders grow their businesses and close more purchase loans.

LoanEngage brings together automated marketing, lead management and referral partner management features into a single platform, bridging the gap most lenders experience between their marketing and sales efforts. The platform enhances visibility, compliance and productivity, the company says in a press release.

“For years, retail mortgage lenders have struggled to create harmony between their sales and marketing activities because they were using disparate systems that couldn’t talk to each other,” says Nick Hedges, president and CEO of Velocify. “Velocify LoanEngage solves this problem by placing each of these critical functions in one place, allowing loan officers to focus on their most precious asset – relationships with referral partners, new borrowers and existing clients.”

The platform helps resolve the inefficiencies and lack of coordination between sales and marketing efforts by providing automated marketing solutions with lead management and then integrating both into a lender’s loan origination system. The result is a consistent, transparent marketing and sales process that lets lenders see what is going on with every borrower, loan officer and referral source, from the pre-application stage through closing and beyond, the company claims.

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