Viant Eye Unveils MISMO V3 SMART Doc Platform


Viant Eye, a technology company that specializes in developing platforms for the mortgage and title industry, has launched TrueFile – its V3 SMART Doc generation and validation platform. The platform replaces traditional documents – documents that need to be scanned, keyed-in, and/or verified – with data and the document view in one package, which ensures that the documents always reflect accurate data that can easily be auto-verified and controlled from origination to recording.

TruFile is an integration solution that enables customers to generate and/or receive MISMO V3-compliant eNotes and SMART Docs into their systems. With the company’s continued participation in critical initiatives within MISMO and the eMortgage space, and with some of the Viant Eye team having led the efforts on the build-out on leading eVaults in use today, the founders saw the need for a MISMO-compliant SMART Doc plug-in for the industry.

“Our team at Viant Eye is excited to lead the efforts in SMART Doc development and introduce the first SMART Doc platform that elevates non-SMART Doc platforms towards the next generation of mortgage documents,” says company partner Chris Trujillo. “Our vision is to empower the future of the mortgage industry, by enabling industry platforms to pivot towards electronic mortgage transactions that fully leverage SMART Docs.”

With this development, Viant Eye bridges the gap between traditional industry platforms and the world of eMortgages. The V3 SMART Doc generation and validation platform is set to streamline antiquated processes, heralding a new era of compliance, efficiency and innovation.

Image by Freepik.

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