Web Site Connects FHA Lenders With Homeowners


FHALoanAdviser.com, a consumer financial portal, has introduced Federal Housing Administration (FHA) leads to its lender clients. The new product gives lenders access to Internet-generated FHA consumer mortgage leads.

The site was founded in response to the rapidly growing need for FHA mortgages in the current mortgage market conditions. The site also offers consumers free access to its nationwide listing of FHA lenders.

FHA Loan Adviser leads are unlike other lead products on the market today, the site says, because they utilize Internet search engine marketing to generate only FHA leads. The site attracts consumers who are seeking an FHA loan for both purchase and refinance. Once the consumer has entered the site, he or she will then have access to information about qualifying for an FHA loan, payment calculator and free access to a nationwide FHA lender directory. The consumer may also request to receive an FHA mortgage quote.

The FHA lender directory is available at no cost to qualified lenders.

‘FHA loans are critical in the current market conditions," says Jeff Howe of FHA Loan Adviser. "Lenders and borrowers alike are both faced with tougher guidelines, lower qualifying ratios and declining home values. For lenders and brokers who are looking for a new avenue to generate business and close loans, the FHA Loan Adviser product is uniquely valuable.’

SOURCE: FHA Loan Adviser

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