Welcome, Mr. Cooper

Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. has officially unveiled a new brand name – Mr. Cooper – for its mortgage servicing and originations operation.

The company says the brand is a “tangible expression of the company’s dedication to making the mortgage process more rewarding.”

“We’re excited to officially become Mr. Cooper and will continue our efforts to transform the way we do business,” says Jay Bray, chairman and CEO of Nationstar. “We took a look in the mirror and realized that in order to build trust with homeowners and those who wish to own a home one day, our organization and our industry needed a change. Mr. Cooper is a symbol of the transformation we’re undergoing to create an incredible customer experience.”

The company says that beyond the name change, the rebranding effort included significant investments in its team, technology and processes to ensure customers have a caring, transparent and seamless experience. For example, the company moved its international call centers to the U.S. and eliminated all online transaction fees for on-time payments. Also, in the past year, team members went through more than 50,000 hours of incremental customer experience training.

Mr. Cooper is also investing in research and development, coupling the latest technology with a personal and customized experience. On top of a completely upgraded user-friendly website, the company rolled out Street Smarts from Mr. Cooper, a digital home loan advisor that can deliver custom insights on a customer’s loan, home and neighborhood, all through the ease of the company’s website and mobile app. Mr. Cooper will also soon be launching a new technology for household finances, as well as a service to home buyers and sellers that allows them access to a panel of qualified local real estate agents in their area.

“Driven by our purpose to keep the dream of homeownership alive, each of our 7,000 team members strives every day to emulate the core values of Mr. Cooper as we continue on our journey to put the service back in servicing,” says Bray.


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