Williston Financial Group Introduces Real Tech Services Subsidiary

Williston Financial Group, a Portland, Ore.-based title insurance company and real estate services provider, has launched west, a wholly owned subsidiary that streamlines and enhances mortgage and real estate transactions through technology-enabled services.

‘The amount of time and effort it takes to complete a real estate transaction today is bloated and unnecessary,’ says Steve Ozonian, west's chairman of the board.

‘The process most used today is a disjointed combination of ad hoc procedures grounded in regulation, outdated concepts and blind allegiance to the concept of 'what we've always done.' The technology and capability exists right now to trim significant time, cost and redundancy from the transaction, which is what west has been built to do,’ says Ozonian.

According to the company, west will operate under its transaction integrated processing system philosophy, using technology to connect stakeholders and ensuring that every system is connected under the proper business and regulatory requirements.


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