Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Formed


Wingspan Portfolio Advisors LLC, a Carrollton, Texas-based mortgage servicing specialist, has opened its doors to assist lenders and servicers plagued by seriously delinquent loans. Its mission is to give servicers, investors and other stakeholders, such as mortgage insurance companies, a chance to save loans that otherwise would have gone to foreclosure.

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors' service, which applies a unique borrower-focused servicing methodology, is aimed not only at mitigating losses, but also at helping borrowers achieve full payment status – resulting in reperforming loans for lenders who had little hope of saving these transactions from foreclosure, the company says.

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors was founded and is led by servicing industry veteran Steven Horne, a lawyer who formerly served as director of servicing risk strategy with Fannie Mae.

Source: Wingspan Portfolio Advisors

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