Wipro Gallagher Now Partnering With Veri-Tax To Streamline Verifications

In an effort to help mortgage lenders mitigate identity fraud, accelerate processing and improve the customer experience for borrowers, mortgage origination software provider Wipro Gallagher Solutions (WGS) is now partnering with auto-verification specialist Veri-Tax.

More specifically, Veri-Tax is now integrated with Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ NetOxygen loan origination system (LOS). That means lenders using NetOxygen can accelerate 4506T (request for transcript of tax return) turnaround time by enabling and automating secure form processing with the Internal Revenue Service.

From within the NetOxygen software interface, lenders can also access and verify a borrower’s Social Security number (SSN), mitigating fraud risk, Wipro Gallagher says in a press release.

In addition, users of NetOxygen can now order unbiased third-party verification of employment with the click of a mouse, eliminating the need for the lender to manually contact the employer.


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