Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Incorporates Lead Management, Loan Pricing

60, lead management software, and LoanSifter, a product and pricing engine, have been integrated into the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. ‘Zillow has the potential to be an affordable source of new business for mortgage professionals, but until now, it has been time-consuming to respond to consumer inquires manually,’ says Jeff Solomon, senior vice president of Leads360. "Our partnership with LoanSifter allows mortgage professionals to leverage automation to work with hundreds of consumers in far less time." Using Leads360 and LoanSifter together allows mortgage professionals to automatically receive and respond to new consumer inquiries from Zillow, the companies say. The sales leads are automatically stored in Leads360, where they can be organized, tracked and followed-up on. Simultaneously, consumers receive loan quotes on Zillow, which are generated by LoanSifter's loan pricing engine. SOURCES: Leads360, Loa


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