Top-Shelf Servicers Receive Freddie Mac SHARP Awards


Freddie Mac has announced the winners of its 2020 Servicer Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP), which annually recognizes mortgage servicers for superior servicing portfolio performance.

The 2020 SHARP winners include the following:

Clients servicing 200,000 or more Freddie Mac mortgages –

  • Gold: PNC Bank
  • Silver: New Residential Mortgage LLC
  • Bronze: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Clients servicing between 75,000 and 199,999 Freddie Mac mortgages –

  • Gold: PennyMac Corp.
  • Silver: Amerihome Mortgage Co. LLC
  • Bronze: PHH Mortgage Corp.

Clients servicing between 20,000 and 74,999 Freddie Mac mortgages –

  • Gold: PrimeLending
  • Silver: CMG Mortgage Inc.
  • Bronze: Specialized Loan Servicing LLC

“Beyond sustainable homeownership, the SHARP awards also represent quality servicing and risk management – and we’re excited to recognize the success of our clients,” says Bill Maguire, Freddie Mac’s vice president of single-family servicing management.

Photo: Bill Maguire

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