A-1 Closing Services Undergoes Rebranding To MyAMC

A-1 Closing Services, an appraisal management company (AMC), has changed its name to MyAMC as part of a rebranding initiative that supports the company's focus as a customer- and vendor-centric organization.

‘The name A-1 Closing Services gave lenders the impression that we were a closing services company, not an AMC,’ says Mills Landon, MyAMC's managing director. ‘We are expanding our presence among midsize lenders, and everything about our rebranding, from our new name to the focus of our business operations, supports that objective.’

The company says the rebranding initiative includes the introduction of two new technologies: a mobile appraiser engagement technology and an auto appraiser assignment technology.

According to MyAMC, the mobile appraiser engagement technology connects appraisers with the company and enables them to quickly receive, accept and decline orders – cutting hours or even days off of appraisal turnaround times.

MyAMC says its appraiser assignment technology uses performance indicators to automate the process of assigning an appraisal to an appraiser and adds one more layer of independence controls, ensures appraiser competency and suitability, and reinforces the company's platform of regulatory compliance controls.

All MyAMC appraisals will continue to be managed through ValuLink, the company's proprietary appraisal management software.


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