A10 Capital Forms Lending Group For Commercial Loans

pital, a firm that finances commercial real estate and provides services to resolve troubled assets, has established a lending group to originate first-mortgage commercial real estate loans and provide financing to investors for distressed debt purchases secured by commercial real estate. In anticipation of the current credit crisis, the firm raised over $100 million of capital two years ago. A10 Capital says it is uniquely positioned because it has no legacy loans that hinder it from making new loans today. A10 Capital specializes in alternative funding for situations such as lower-than-market occupancy, a lease-up situation or a turnaround situation. Preferred loan sizes range from $2 million to $7 million, with a $10 million maximum. ‘In today's credit-challenged markets, many loans that were bankable two years ago no longer qualify, because banks and life insurance lenders have tightened their underwriting guidelines, and the CMBS markets are shut down,’ says the company's CEO, Jerry Dunn, CEO, adding, "We fill the void between conventional lending sources and hard money lenders.’ SOURCE: A10


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