All In Credit Union Incorporates Empower LOS Tech to Optimize Loan Originations


All In Credit Union has signed a contract to implement Empower, Black Knight Inc.‘s loan origination system (LOS). The credit union selected the Empower LOS because of its automation and notification capabilities, and for Black Knight’s suite of digital origination solutions that integrate seamlessly with the LOS.

All In Credit Union serves more than 147,000 members across Alabama and Florida.

“We can’t afford to spend valuable time on manual processes that technology can manage effectively,” says Todd Peeples, senior vice president of sales and lending, and chief lending officer at All In Credit Union. “We chose Empower because now more than ever we need an LOS that brings its ‘A’ game to every single loan. These new capabilities will support our employees, which will help our recruiting efforts, as well as enhance the member experience to keep our organization moving forward for the long haul.”

All In Credit Union was familiar with Black Knight through its use of both the Ernst Fee Service solution, which helps mitigate fee cures, and the product, pricing and eligibility engine from Optimal Blue, a division of Black Knight. With the addition of the Empower system, All In Credit Union will have a LOS that integrates with a full suite of technology, data and analytics solutions to enhance the credit union’s retail lending channels.

Some of the solutions the credit union chose include task-based workflow and notification triggers to help keep borrowers and loan officers on track and drive efficiencies; machine-learning technology for document classification and indexing; a digital point-of-sale solution that enhances the mortgage application process for borrowers; an intuitive digital dashboard that allows loan officers to help borrowers throughout the approval process from a single, mobile-friendly location; robust property tax data; regulatory assist; and an actionable intelligence solution that delivers instant access to information from multiple data sources to help forecast and monitor pipeline, productivity, cycle time and pull-through.

“We’re pleased that All In Credit Union will be using Black Knight’s innovative technology to provide its members and employees with a stellar experience on both sides of the loan process,” states Rich Gagliano, president of Black Knight Origination Technologies. “By investing now in advanced capabilities, All In Credit Union will be able to drive new efficiencies and operational savings both now and in the future when market conditions improve.”

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