AllSouth Federal Credit Union Boosts Volume With MortgagebotPOS Advisor

South Carolina-based AllSouth Federal Credit Union reports that it has completed 58% of its mortgage applications through D+H Corp.'s Mortgagebot Advisor – just two months after going live with the Web-based solution.

The credit union already uses D+H's MortgagebotPOS platform, as most of its application volume comes from online, but it decided to add MortgagebotPOS Advisor in order to allow it's call center and front office staff to accept applications as well.

‘I was delighted at the level of production after just one month,’ says Thomas Boswell, vice president of mortgage lending, AllSouth Federal Credit Union, in a release. ‘MortgagebotPOS Advisor gives us the best of both worlds. We utilize our branch network to add convenience and provide better service to our members, but leave the in-depth mortgage discussions and analysis to staff members who are fully trained in this area of specialty.’


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