Altisource Adds SPOC Reps to El Paso Operations Center


Altisource Portfolio Solutions says it has expanded its Texas-based operations center to better service financial institutions in the wake of an unprecedented surge of mortgage-related calls from homeowners.

Specifically, Altisource added new highly trained single point of contact (SPOC) representatives to its operations center in El Paso, Texas, in order to offer expanded expertise and strategic client-centric auxiliary business services support for clients who need it. Altisource’s SPOC call agents integrate seamlessly with clients’ own services, acting as brand representatives as they handle inbound and outbound loss mitigation inquires.

“Using our vast experience, specialized knowledge and competitive pricing, we’ve been helping mortgage clients serve customers better since 2009,” said Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Business Development. “Our short-term goal is to help [clients] control the heavy call surge by acting as a ‘surge protector,’” says Altisource’s Robert W. McKinley. “The long-term objective is to continue working with them and other clients after the pandemic to help operate more efficiently. We want to build a lasting relationship and become a trusted source.”

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