Anow Announces Integrations with Veros


Anow, a developer of appraisal management software, has integrated Veros PATHWAY, VeroSELECT and VeroSCORE QC from Veros Real Estate Solutions with its platform.

The integrations were carried out in an effort to enhance appraiser productivity and appraisal quality, thus accelerating collateral underwriting for mortgage lenders.

Veros is a developer of enterprise risk management, collateral valuation and predictive analytics services.

The integration with Veros’ PATHWAY platform allows Anow users to submit appraisals to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) and to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) via the Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal.

Prior to this integration, Anow delivered appraisals back to its lender clients, who then had to submit appraisals themselves to the GSEs and FHA.

Now, Anow will handle this process for lenders, saving them time, effort and money and reducing the potential for risk, the company says in a release.

As an additional quality control (QC) measure, PATHWAY incorporates Veros’ VeroSCORE appraisal risk management solution to score appraisals and identify potential appraisal-related issues prior to submission.

Anow users can now order automated valuation model (AVM) services from Veros’ proprietary VeroVALUE AVM or from other third-party AVMs and AVM cascades through VeroSELECT. 

VeroVALUE provides a value estimate, value range, confidence score, subject property information, local market data and historic price trends for the subject property’s neighborhood.

A 12-month valuation forecast and fraud detection indicators are available as add-on services.

Alternatively, Anow customers can use VeroPRECISION, a property-level, next-generation valuation decision engine, to determine up front if a subject property is a good candidate for an AVM. If so, VeroPRECISION will automatically determine the most accurate and appropriate AVM for that specific property.

Anow is also directly integrating with Veros’ VeroSELECT to offer access to both companies’ services through a single technology platform.

VeroSELECT is a vendor-agnostic enterprise management platform that provides access to a suite of more than 25 innovative collateral risk solutions from 15-plus vendors, helping lenders best assess collateral values at origination and across existing portfolios.

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