Anow, Appraisal Institute Announce Partnership


Members of the Appraisal Institute (AI) can now get Anow’s appraisal office management technology at a discounted rate.

In addition to the 20% discount on subscriptions, AI members also get a dedicated line of contact for product feedback, early access to Anow’s closed beta programs, complimentary product support and training, and exclusive access to quarterly educational webinars highlighting best practices and emerging trends in appraisal technology.

“AI’s partnership with Anow is reflective of our larger strategy to foster innovation in the real estate valuation profession and promote savvy business practices across our membership base,” says Stephen Wagner, president of AI, in a release. “Anow’s intuitive appraisal office management platform will offer AI professionals a one-stop solution for boosting productivity and heightening professionalism in the administration of their business.”

“As a third-generation appraiser, I am personally committed to facilitating the success of independent real estate valuation professionals and am delighted to lighten the administrative burden for AI Professionals,” says Marty Haldane, founder and CEO of Anow. “Anow’s core platform will benefit AI professionals by streamlining and automating time-consuming tasks that typically bottleneck the appraisal process, such as scheduling, appraisal file compilation, invoicing and record-keeping.”

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