Appraisal Logistics Hires Keegan Doyle as Director of Marketing


Keegan Doyle has joined Appraisal Logistics, a provider of appraisal management technology and compliance solutions to the residential/commercial mortgage industry, as director of marketing.

Doyle was previously at appraisal management software firm Reggora, where he served as the first member of a quickly growing marketing team, managing several channels and completing many impactful projects.

In his new role with Appraisal Logistics, Doyle will concentrate on marketing efforts for the company’s AIM-Port appraisal management technology.

AIM-Port offers functionality for vendor management, order processing, appraiser assignments, tracking, reviewing, delivery, reporting, and accounting. AIM-Port has been Appraisal Logistics’ AMC division’s operating system since 2011 and has proved its value and efficiency. The company decided to offer the technology as a standalone product in 2022.

Doyle says he sees this opportunity as a way to help lenders achieve the improved borrower experience they need to attract more business. The appraisal is one of the most stressful components of the home buying process. Doyle hopes to contribute to the solution by making the Appraisal Logistics and AIM-Port brands more visible and to demonstrate the value that each solution provides at a level that will result in measurable increases in market share for the company and a smoother home buying process in aggregate.

“I joined the team at Appraisal Logistics because I have a passion for scaling enterprise tech products with a high growth potential,” Doyle says in a release. “This role is an opportunity to work alongside a sales team that is hungry for exposure to the market and a product team with innovative ideas to bring to market. Taking Appraisal Logistics and AIM-Port marketing to the next level means providing the team here with the best tools and channels to demonstrate the value that our products provides.”

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