Appraisal Logistics Taps Elizabeth Green as Chief Strategy Officer


Elizabeth Green has joined Appraisal Logistics, a provider of appraisal management technology and compliance solutions for the residential/commercial mortgage industry, as chief strategy officer.

Green is an industry veteran and collateral valuation expert who has served the mortgage industry for 30 years. Previously, she served as chief data and product solutions officer for LoanLogics.

Before that she was president of Centric Technologies, a hosted-technology solution for DIY appraisal quality review for residential real estate appraisal.

Earlier in her career she was the director of strategic technology solutions for Supreme Lending; director of valuation technologies for ACI (now First American); vice-president of new product development for Solidifi; and vice-president of valuation services and product development for Basis100.

Green has served the industry as a volunteer for a number of organizations including ECCMA, where she served as chair of the Property Standards committee; the Open Geospatial Consortium; MISMO, where she has served for the last decade as chair of the Property & Valuation Community of Practice; and the Collateral Risk Network, where she also currently serves as chair of the Standards Committee. She is the recipient of an ECCMA Fellowship Award, a MISMO Staff Appreciation Award and is a Mortgage Banking Magazine Tech All Star.

In her new role with Apprisal Logistics, Green will maintain a 360-degree view of the company, direct product and services innovation that impact the company’s current lender clients, their borrowers, valuation professionals and the industry as a whole.

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