Appraisal Management Software Provider Anow Releases Anow Enterprise


Anow, a provider of appraisal management software, has released Anow Enterprise, a cloud software suite that connects individual appraisal companies to form service networks that can efficiently provide localized service at scale.

Anow Enterprise lets lenders and appraisal firms tap into the industry’s first peer-to-peer appraiser network.

It offers a first-of-its-kind order management framework that enables a true peer-to-peer system, where any participant in the network can originate an appraisal order and route it to others, the company says in a release.

Designed to help individual appraisers meet the capacity needs of mortgage lenders, large appraisal firms and appraisal management companies (AMCs), Anow Enterprise “can build appraiser networks of any size, from linking a handful of independent firms that want to better serve their local market to connecting tens of thousands of appraisers across North America with the appraisal management systems used by larger firms and AMCs,” says Marty Haldane, founder and CEO of Anow.

“Anow Enterprise is allowing us to grow by bringing appraisers into our team from locations outside our central service area,” says Jeff Morley, partner at Accurity Valuation franchisee Morley and McConkie Appraisal. “Even if they’re working in other states, we can integrate them into our office process and provide the same level of service as though they were working in the office next door.”  

The maiden release of Anow Enterprise, which has been in beta testing with numerous firms, is comprised of four modules or toolsets:

  • Automated scheduling based on an appraiser’s office location, existing appointment route and real-time GPS location;
  • Service network tools designed to help clients build appraiser panels, intelligently distribute appraisal orders, manage users and payments, monitor compliance and produce financial and coverage reports;
  • Performance and communication tools for monitoring and managing the performance of network appraisers, including individual performance scorecards, customized workflows for any order type and multiple messaging channels; and
  • Review management tools for interfacing with the client’s review desk, including automated rules and custom review workflows for individuals and teams.

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