Appraisal Nation Using Global DMS’ eTrac Platform

Lansdale, Pa.-based Appraisal Nation has reportedly realized a tenfold increase in the number of appraisals it is able to process since implementing Global DMS' eTrac platform about a year ago.

With Global DMS' eTrac solution, Appraisal Nation has streamlined the entire valuation process, the companies claim. Not only has it realized new operational efficiencies that will boost revenues, but it has also been able to meet compliancy regulations with less effort.

Michael Tedesco, CEO of Appraisal Nation, said the addition of Global DMS ‘has been instrumental in rapidly expanding our business; we couldn't have achieved this accelerated rate of growth without their technology.’

‘Global DMS' integration into multiple mainstream loan origination systems has helped us to compete and win against some of the largest appraisal management companies [AMCs] in country,’ Tedesco said in a release. ‘Using Global DMS, we've become a finely tuned AMC operation. Our customer service is now backed with top technology, and when you add that to our already established reputation of producing quality appraisals expeditiously, it truly sets us apart from the competition.’

With this Web-based solution, AMCs can manage appraisal vendors, order, assign, monitor status, fulfill, review, sell, report and handle accounting practices for appraisal transactions. In addition, they can keep up with constantly changing appraisal rules, thus allowing them to avoid penalties.


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