ATPR Enhances Search Functionality For SmartProp

ATPR Inc. has once again enhanced its SmartProp solution by improving the search capabilities of its Two-Owner Search (2OS) and Full Search products as a part of its range of property reports.

With these enhancements, SmartProp will now be able to offer even more aggressive turnaround times. These enhancements will be particularly valuable for servicers in the default and foreclosure market.

“It is becoming critical for servicers to use pre-foreclosure search effectively in order to assess risk at early stage default,” said Alok Datta, president of ATPR, in a release. “These new features are designed to help the servicer to meet these evolving demands.”

ATPR’s Two-Owner Search product, according to Datta, offers 100% vesting information; all deeds from prior second owner to current date; any pertinent pages of all open mortgages/deed of trust along with associated documents; tax information with land, assessed and improvement values as well as copies of open judgments and liens.

“Today’s servicer needs property reports quickly, accurately and efficiently,” said Datta. “Currently, we are typically delivering online Two-Owner Search reports within eight to 12 hours of receiving the order; and 72 to 96 hours where an abstractor from our national network is required to be engaged.”

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