Black Knight Combines Mortgage Servicing Solutions for Customers


Black Knight Inc. has integrated its Servicing Digital with Surefire marketing automation solutions, enabling servicers using Servicing Digital to make valuable content available to homeowners directly within the application. This content works to enhance customer engagement and retention by educating customers on common servicing-related topics throughout their servicing journey.

Offered as a native app or responsive web design, Servicing Digital allows customers to easily access their loan- and home-related information, as well as perform self-service capabilities. Surefire is a mortgage-specific marketing automation and creative content solution that helps mortgage professionals win new customers and earn repeat business.

“Communication is a leading factor in customer satisfaction, and Black Knight continues to prioritize the enhancement of self-service tools to give customers the digital capabilities they want,” says Joe Nackashi, CEO of Black Knight. “Through this latest integration, servicers can proactively reach out to homeowners with content that’s uniquely designed to educate them on common questions and to celebrate milestones. This can contribute to long-term retention by creating meaningful connections between servicers and their customers.”

“The addition of content from Surefire is another testament to Black Knight’s dedication to investing in Servicing Digital,” adds Nackashi. “Our clients rely on us to continuously innovate our solutions, and we’re committed to adding features and capabilities that help them better serve their customers.”

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