Black Knight: Home Prices Rose 0.9%, On Average, In April

U.S. home prices rose 0.9% in April compared to March – and were up 6.4% compared to April 2013, according to Black Knight's Home Price Index Report.

The report reveals that U.S. home prices are now about 12% off from their June 2006 peak.

Nineteen of the 20 largest states saw month-over-month growth; no states saw a decline in the average home price.

The average home price in April was $236,000, up from $234,000 in March. In April 2013, the average home price was $222,000.

States that saw the biggest degree of change in home prices, month over month, included California (0.9%), Florida (0.6%), New Jersey (0.6%), New York (0.5%) and Texas (1.1%).

Cities that saw the biggest degree of change in home prices included Chicago (1.3%), Dallas (1.1%), Los Angeles (0.3%), New York (0.5%) and Washington, D.C. (0.9%).

Among the states that saw the biggest increases in home prices, month over month, were Georgia (1.6%), Massachusetts (1.6%), Maryland (1.4%), Delaware (1.3%) and Michigan (1.3%).

Among the cities that saw the biggest increases, month-over-month, were Austin, Texas (1.8%); San Francisco (1.8%); Atlanta (1.7%); Boston (1.7%); and Bend, Ore. (1.7%).

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