Black Knight Launches LoanSphere Actionable Intelligence Platform


Mortgage software firm Black Knight has launched the LoanSphere Actionable Intelligence Platform, a unified delivery system for both lenders and servicers that integrates the firm’s extensive data, analytics and technology solutions to deliver actionable intelligence to executives and managers at all levels.

The company says this new offering features analytics specific to organizational levels – executive, manager, employee and data scientist – so that all parties can take the right actions at the right time.

Specifically, Strategic Analytics (executive level), aligns with a client’s strategic objectives to offer executives a clearer view of company performance, while Proactive Analytics (manager level) helps front-line managers become more aware of exceptions, events and activities that require attention, so they can adopt a more proactive approach and recommend appropriate actions.

In addition, Actionable Analytics (employee level) communicates a specific action – or actions – to an employee at the time of need so it can be proactively addressed.

Lastly, Innovative Analytics (data scientist level) enables a client’s data scientists and market analysts to use Black Knight’s advanced data and technologies to develop specific analytics based on other data in the organization’s portfolios or other company strategies.

Black Knight says LoanSphere Actionable Intelligence can help mortgage lenders and servicers grow their businesses and reduce processing time, costs and risk.

In a release, Anthony Jabbour, CEO of Black Knight, says the platform will help mortgage companies “with some of their toughest business challenges by delivering strategic, proactive and actionable analytics across every function and level.”

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Brian Titus
Brian Titus
1 year ago

This would be much more meaningful with some examples or details.