BlackFin Launches New Business Intelligence Tool For Lenders That Uses AI


BlackFin has launched a new business intelligence (BI) software solution that will transform the way lending executives run their business.

Dubbed MAX, the new software is set to redefine executive decision-making by allowing any institution to quickly, easily, and affordably, integrate data from disparate systems into a singular dashboard.

The specialized proprietary lending artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms will now, instantly, provide the executive leadership at lenders with precise business decision recommendations so they can immediately start to maximize revenue, productivity, and efficiency, the company claims in a release.

MAX is a result of years of meticulous development, incorporating the latest technological advancements in AI and ML to provide an unparalleled user experience when it comes to business intelligence.

MAX is designed to be the next generation of BI reporting, allowing lenders to move away from the painful struggle of viewing static data in up to five desperate systems where they become paralyzed trying to make business decisions that will have the highest impact on their company.

“I saw a demand vacuum on the horizon in the lender business intelligence space,” says Jorge Sauri, principal consultant of BI, AI, and ML at BlackFin, who during his career has developed and launched several revolutionary technologies in the lending industry.

“When considering lending costs continue to rise, AI & ML tools continued to mature, it became evident lenders have quickly outgrown the ‘static’ BI platforms they do or don’t use today,” Sauri says in the release. “Lenders need a reporting dashboard that can easily combine our industry expert algorithms in BI, integrate data from multiple systems, and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to have an immediate impact on lowering their cost and maximizing revenue. Our AI-powered BI MAX tools identify patterns and trends in data that humans are less likely to find on their own and provides actionable business recommendations.”

“Our team is thrilled to launch MAX to the lending marketplace,” says Keith Kemph, president and CEO at BlackFin. “We believe it will revolutionize how the lending industry operates by providing an advanced technology solution that is both dynamic and user-friendly, and will have immediate impact on a lenders profitability.”

“Equally valuable is that we are providing MAX users the ability to instantly compare their production activity, goals, and costs to that of their lending peers within their dashboards,” he adds. “With the help of our Preferred Partner, MortgageFlex, lenders will see peer data at micro production levels they have never seen before but have always wanted.”

The launch of MAX aligns with BlackFin’s commitment to innovation and excellence in lending. 

While BlackFin supports lenders with several products and services, as a leading consultancy in the lending space, BlackFin understands the challenges faced by lenders, and MAX is a response to those challenges, offering a reliable and efficient business intelligence software solution.

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