Byte Software Releases ByteSync


Byte Software, a Kirkland, Wash.-based provider of mortgage software solutions for banks, brokers and credit unions, has released ByteSync, a module that synchronizes data between its BytePro loan origination software and LoanToolbox, a marketing and training solutions company for the mortgage industry.

Using ByteSync, the mortgage professional can easily export loan information from BytePro to LoanToolbox, either creating new LoanToolbox contacts or merging data into existing LoanToolbox contacts, Byte Software explains. This export function sends hundreds of fields to LoanToolbox, including borrower information, first- and second-loan data and parties information.

ByteSync automatically identifies existing LoanToolbox contacts that are possible matches with the borrower in BytePro. If a match is identified, ByteSync can update the existing contact instead of creating a duplicate contact. When a lead that is stored in LoanToolbox becomes a loan applicant, the mortgage professional can quickly create a new BytePro loan file by importing the lead's contact information and loan characteristics into BytePro.

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